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Custom Lanyards: Versatile Uses Across Industries

Updated: Feb 5

Custom lanyards have evolved far beyond being just a convenient accessory to hold your keys or ID badges. They have become versatile tools with numerous applications across various industries. In this blog post, we'll explore the many uses of custom lanyards and how they serve as valuable assets in different settings.

Lanyard and ID card

Office Lanyards:

Corporate ID Badges: Custom lanyards are a staple in the corporate world. They securely hold employee ID badges, making it easy for staff to access their workplaces while keeping their badges visible.

Business Cards & ID Holders: Lanyards are also used to carry business cards and ID holders, ensuring professionals have essential contact information readily available.

Events Lanyards:

Conference and Trade Shows: Large-scale events rely on custom lanyards for attendee badges and access passes. They can also be used to distinguish between different attendee types or VIPs.

School Lanyards:

Student ID Lanyards: Schools and universities use lanyards for student and staff ID cards. They're not only practical but also help maintain a safe and organized campus environment.

Custom Logo Lanyards:

Branding and Promotion: Businesses use custom logo lanyards to promote their brand. These lanyards often feature company logos and slogans, making them effective marketing tools.

Medical and Healthcare Lanyards:

Hospital Staff Lanyards: In healthcare settings, lanyards help identify medical professionals and staff. Different colors or designs can indicate various roles or departments.

Identification Card Lanyards: Lanyards are used to carry identification cards, ensuring easy access and security within healthcare facilities.

Sports Lanyards:

Team and Sports Events: Sports teams and events often use lanyards to carry whistles, keys, and coach essentials. They're also great for promoting team spirit with custom designs.

Security Lanyards:

Access Control: Security personnel use lanyards to hold access control cards or keys, ensuring secure access to restricted areas.

Trade Show and Convention Lanyards:

Promotional Tools: At trade shows and conventions, custom lanyards are excellent promotional tools for sponsors and exhibitors.

Government and Military Lanyards:

Official Identification: Government agencies and military units use lanyards for official identification and rank distinctions.

Military Lanyards: Custom lanyards play a crucial role in military settings, serving various functions such as holding identification cards.

Keychain Lanyards:

Key Organization: Keychain lanyards are popular among individuals who want a convenient way to keep their keys within reach.

Custom lanyards have transcended their humble beginnings as mere accessories. They have become indispensable tools for enhancing security, organization, and branding across various sectors. Whether you need lanyards for office use, events, schools, or any other purpose, their adaptability and customization options make them a valuable asset in your toolkit.

At BuyLanyard, we offer a wide range of custom lanyards tailored to your specific needs. Explore our selection and discover how custom lanyards can elevate your organization's functionality and style.

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