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Full Colour lanyard for events, schools, office

The most versatile, vibrant and long-lasting type of lanyard. Uses sublimation printing technique that allows full-color, high-resolution designs to be printed onto the lanyard material. It involves using heat to transfer ink from a special sublimation paper onto the lanyard.

As low as $0.52 per lanyard*


Polyester lanyard for events, schools, office

Polyester lanyards are also durable and have a slightly rougher texture compared to nylon. They are cost-effective and can be easily customized with different printing techniques. Polyester lanyards are commonly used for promotions and events.

As low as $0.60 per lanyard*


Nylon Lanyard for events, schools, office

Nylon lanyards are durable, strong, and have a shiny texture. They are resistant to moisture and are known for their high-quality appearance. Nylon lanyards are often used for professional settings and events.

As low as $0.60 per lanyard*

Tubular lanyard for events, schools, office

As low as $0.56 per lanyard*


Tubular lanyards are made from a tube-like polyester material. They are lightweight and comfortable to wear. However, they are not as durable as flat polyester or nylon lanyards and are often used for short-term events or promotions.


Basic lanyard for events, schools, office

As low as $0.35 per lanyard*

Light weight material. Our most affordable lanyard they are often used for short term events, visitors, or just for keeping the costs low with possibility to customize using screen printing.

Retractable  Reel -Round


As low as $0.50 per reel*

Durable and sleek, these reels offer a smooth retraction mechanism, versatile attachment options, and a polished appearance, making them perfect for corporate settings and events. The retractable mechanism ensures ease of use, allowing for swift badge access and a tidy, professional look.

Retractable  Reel -Oval


Designed for comfort and durability, these reels feature an ergonomic oval shape, reliable retraction, secure attachment. The retractable mechanism ensures convenient badge handling, combining practicality with a professional look.

As low as $0.50 per reel*

*Quantity based pricing – inquire for details

Behind the Scene: How Lanyards Are Made:

Lanyards are versatile and practical accessories used in a variety of settings, from corporate events and schools to trade shows and conferences. These simple yet effective tools serve multiple purposes, such as holding ID cards, badges, keys, and more. In this post, we'll take you behind the scenes to explore the process of how lanyards are made. We'll also delve into the different types of lanyards available and discuss their relevance in the context of ID cards, badges, and more.

The Materials

To create a lanyard, you need the right materials. The main components include:

  • Nylon or Polyester: These materials are popular choices due to their durability and ability to hold up well to regular use.

  • Clips and Hooks: Lanyards typically feature various attachment options, such as bulldog clips, J-hooks, or split rings, which securely hold ID cards, badges, or keys.

  • Printed or Woven Straps: Lanyard straps can be printed with custom designs or logos, or they can be woven to create intricate patterns.

The Manufacturing Process

Lanyards are manufactured through a series of steps, including:

  1. Design: The process begins with the design phase. Customers can select the material, color, width, and length of the lanyard, and provide custom artwork or branding elements to be printed on to the lanyards.

  2. Printing or Weaving: Depending on the design and material chosen, the lanyard's strap is either printed with high-quality ink using heat transfer(sublimation) method or screen printing with precision machinery. Custom text, logos, or patterns are added at this stage.

  3. Attachment Assembly: Clips or hooks are attached to the lanyard, allowing users to secure their ID cards, badges, or other items.

  4. Quality Control: Lanyards undergo thorough quality control checks to ensure they meet specific industry standards for strength, color accuracy, and overall quality.

  5. Packaging: Once the lanyards pass quality control, they are packaged and prepared for shipping to customers.

Types of Lanyards

There are various types of lanyards designed to suit different needs and preferences:

  • Custom Lanyards: These can be personalized with a company logo or custom text, making them ideal for branding and promotional purposes.

  • ID Card Badge Holders: Lanyards with clear badge holders attached are perfect for displaying identification cards and badges.

  • Retractable Lanyards: These lanyards feature a retractable badge reel that allows for easy extension and retraction of the attached card or keys.

  • Breakaway Lanyards: Safety-focused lanyards designed to release when tugged forcefully, preventing injury in case the lanyard becomes caught.

  • Specialty Lanyards: Lanyards with unique features like key rings, or cell phone holders cater to specific needs.

The Relevance in Everyday Life

Lanyards are not only practical but also have a significant impact on our daily lives. They are commonly used for:

  • Carrying identification cards and badges in corporate settings.

  • Ensuring easy access to keys, making them essential for security personnel.

  • Providing a convenient way to keep essential items within reach during events, conferences, and trade shows.

  • Adding a touch of personalization through custom design and branding.


Lanyards play a crucial role in our everyday lives, providing a secure and stylish way to carry identification cards, badges, and other essentials. Understanding the process of how lanyards are made and the various types available allows us to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into creating these practical accessories.

Whether you're a business looking to promote your brand or an individual seeking a fashionable way to carry your ID card, lanyards offer a versatile and customizable solution that meets a wide range of needs.

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